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MAX - Clear Acrylic Coat


MAX - Clear Acrylic Coat


  • MAX - Clear Acrylic Coat  - MAX Trasparente acrilico A BASSO VOC

Max acrylic clear 2K low Voc is a two components high thickness clear paint, suitable for any metal surfaces finishing works. This compound matches the maximum contents of organic volatile solvents as per the D.L. 161 dated 27/03/2006 and European Directive 1004/42/CE: d) finiture 420 g/l: Specific for pastel, metallized and pearly base of any brand, compatible with water systems. Excellent features of brilliance, expansion, large versatility as for drying speed according to the type of hardener which has been used (slow, standard, fast, express),strong resistance to the atmospheric agents and a very good resistance to the yellowing.

Technical Features:
Specific weight: 980
20 g/l Solid in weight: 64
1% V.O.C. (clear + hard. + max 5% dilution): max 420 g/l Gloss 60°C: 90
98 Viscosity: (Ford cup 6): 32 sec (T=20° C)

Colour: clear UV Resistance: > 2000 h

nstructions for use:
Use a spray gun with a falling cup, nozzle 1,3 mm, pressure 3-4 bar. Better with an airbrush H L VP, pressure 2,5 atm; suggested a light coat followed by a full coat or two coats of same thickness. Always apply the clear coat in the suggested thickness and with the right pressure, with a compressed air system complete with drier in order to avoid possible dots on the surface; In case of re-varnishing, make sure the film is perfectly dry; During application always wear all the individual protection outfits and ventilate the room; The product expires after 12 months from the production date printed on the lid, provided the item to be stored in its original package and in a ventilated and cool place.

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