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Car body resins

Come and see Ilpa Adesivi products to reconstruct your car bodyworks such as resins for plastic, fibreglass and metal surfaces.

Among our products for car maintenance, we also have specific car body resins suitable for restoration interventions not only for metal surfaces but also for plastic and fibreglass materials.

Ilpa Adesivi has a special kit for repairing missing parts of your car bodywork and also for restoring everything made by plastic and fibreglass (the common name for glass-reinforced plastic). Between our car body resins we have a complete set, simple, handy and ready to be used both by do-it-yourself passionate and professionals. Besides, a special and transparent resin for metal, plastic and fibreglass perfect to repair interventions and bond restoration components onto your car bodywork.

Find out how easy it's to make reparations on your car bodywork with Ilpa Adesivi car body resins. Our products are studied to provide a good-quality to all our customers and clients and once you found out you will never do without Ilpa Adesivi resins.


VetroKitt is a complete kit for the reconstruction of missing parts of plastic, fiberglass or metal objects, it presents with a bottle of polyester resin, with its liquid hardener, the fabric of fiberglass, a glass for mixing, a brush for the application of the resin and protective gloves. It does not require other materials or tools, for the application. The ease of the application makes it...

BD 22

Transparent resin based on polyester, for metal, plastic and fiberglass. Permanent to the light, suitable for gluing and to the reparation of damaged or deficient parts, it is also used for the application with fiberglass woven. Use it with liquid catalyst, adding it to 3%.

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