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MAX – NEW LIGHT for polycarbonate repair.


MAX – NEW LIGHT for polycarbonate repair.

Headlight Renewal kit

  • MAX – NEW LIGHT for polycarbonate repair. - MAX NEW LIGHT - rinnova fanali
  • MAX – NEW LIGHT for polycarbonate repair. - MAX NEW LIGHT - rinnova fanali

It is a special scratch-resistant clear 3K finish to repair headlights, ideal for the repair of all polycarbonate and plexiglass surfaces that are scratched, worn and yellowed by time: car headlamp, portholes, hatches, synthetic glasses, navigation lights, etc.. It restores the original protecting polycarbonate and plexiglass film giving a high UV protection without altering the mechanical strength.
MAX - NEW LIGHT has a high strength and adhesion on plastics like polycarbonate/plexiglass and allows the repair of all unharmed parts. The kit comes with everything you need to repair the damaged part without the use of special equipment. It is ideal both for DIY and for professionals.

Surface preparation:

  • It is possible to repair the products without removal, taking care to protect the edges to be treated with duct tape;
  • It is important to completely remove the old and damaged protective film by sanding the surface by hand with P320 grit sandpaper (included in the kit case) first. Then use P400 grit sandpaper, moving perpendicularly to the first sanding until the preceding scratches disappear; (if necessary, remove the deeper scratches using a coarser-grained sandpaper);
  • Proceed with P800, P1200 and P2000 grit sandpapers (supplied in the kit case) always moving  perpendicularly to the paper previously used as to obtain the complete removal of the scratches.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all traces of residual dust, than make sure to dry the surface to be treated and the surrounding areas.
  • Protect the car using duct tape for bodywork, leaving uncovered only the surfaces to be treated.

    Preparation of the mixture:

  • Use the appropriate graduated cup included in the kit to measure components amount, or follow the information below;



    PART A

    100 g

    100 ml

    PART B

    50 g

    50 ml

    PART C

    20 g

    22 ml

  • Mix the three components and filter if necessary;
  • Pot-life 1h / 25°C.
  • use of the spray can included in the kit:

    MAX - NEW LIGHT spray can allows to apply up to 470 ml of product, with extreme accuracy and excellent results, without the use of an anhydrous air compressor. Warnings: the spray can contains under pressure and extremely flammable gas. Store at room temperature below 49 ° C and do not expose to heat or sparks (read the safety information.)

  • Pour the mixture of the three components in the glass bottle;
  • Screw the can on the glass bottle making sure the intake tube is correctly framed and the strainer is on the top. Do not shake the can after you place it on the glass bottle.
  • Test the spray cone and wait for the product to flow through the intake tube and the nozzle; use the spray so that the flow is at an angle between 90 and 45 ° with respect to the surface to be treated;
  • Clean the surface to be treated with an anti-dust cloth;
  • Apply thin and uniform layers on the surface to be treated, at a distance of 15 - 20 cm, at 5-10 minutes intervals depending on the outside temperature, typically 2 - 3 coats are enough; wait for the product to spread perfectly on the surface and proceed with further layers if needed. Avoid applying excessive amount product to prevent straining.
  • If, during use, the spray can cools, the correct work may be compromised, wait until it comes to room temperature.
  • Unscrew the bottle and throw the excess product; wash the glass bottle 3-4 times using acetone, and let it pass through the intake tube and the nozzle making sure they are well clean. If necessary, use a paper to clean the filter properly.
  • Wash the glass bottle, the intake tube and the nozzle using the PART C component. Store the device in accordance with the instructions for further or future applications.


Application with HLPV spray gun:

MAX-NEW LIGHT, for professionals, can be applied using a HLPV spray gun with gravity feed cup, paying attention to respect the recommended thickness and pressure of compressed air.
Prepare the mixture according to the ratio above; apply it on the surface to be treated, previously prepared in accordance with the instructions below.


Defects of application:

After complete drying is possible to eliminate dots or little stains operating as follows:

  • Sand with P2000 sandpaper (supplied in the kit);
  • Polish with MAX - ABRASIVE POLISH using a polisher.

It is recommended to wait for the complete drying before moving the tool to avoid damaging the applied film.

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