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MAX Polish


MAX Polish

  • MAX Polish - MAX Polish

MAX POLISH is an emulsion of very fine selected and stabilized waxes mixed in water. The composition has been studied in order to grant the best results both  for the professional user and the “do it yourself” market. MAX POLISH aims at giving a matchless polish on any type of paints; the application both on old and new paints brings to the same extraordinary result. Easy to apply, MAX Polish protects the car body from atmospheric agents and smog while carrying on a good waterproof function too. The abrasive version is also available.  Instructions for use:  Shake the product before use in order to mix the product perfectly also avoiding possible deposits, apply by hand with a soft cloth or with a cotton wool, if applied by machine make sure a soft buffer is also used. Lay down a thin film of MAX Polish, the quantity must suit the surface to treat, wait for a couple of minutes and then brush up again with a soft cloth or a cotton wool until perfectly polished. Do not apply on those surfaces directly exposed under the sun rays or on particularly porous plastic parts.

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