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Looking for some marble sprays to do a DIY works on your marble surfaces and objects? Ilpa Adesivi has exactly what you need, come and see our products.

Take care of your marble surfaces, objects, floors and statues using a Ilpa Adesivi marble spray and avoid any kind of risk as ingestion, over application or incorrect usage. We are specialized in marble care specific products and we provide also some handy and very useful sprays for polishing and waxing any kind of marble surface.

Opt for a special marble spray to give to your natural stone surfaces a “wet look” and choose between our wide range of sprays the product that suits all your needs. Extra lux self-polishing varnish spray, liquid silicone based wax and waterproof sealants: all these have a high quality level components and formulations.

Easy to use and suitable for any kinds of applications, a marble spray is a good idea both for a professionals utilization and for a do-it-yourself interventions and restorations. Start taking care about your marble objects and surfaces and they will thank you and will last longer.

Discover with us how fun is do some domestic works with our products and start using a really good-quality and professional product for you marble.

Extra Lux SPRAY

The Extra lux self-polishing varnish is formulated with resins and highly selective waxes, the mixture assures flawless polishing on marble and granite. The formula has been studied in order to provide the treated surface with a lasting polish even after exposure to atmospheric conditions. Extra Lux has a wide range of application on all surfaces where traditional polishing may be difficult:...

Brillo SPRAY

Liquid silicone based wax, used to renew the polish on marble, granite, natural stones and gres. It can be used to clean and protect kitchen and bathroom ceramic tiles from dirt and smog. The very high quality components of its formula provide a triple action on treated support: removing grease and smog, polishing with accentuation of colours and veins, waterproofing and major resistance against...


Drai is a very good waterproof sealant, anti-stain, ideal for marble, granite, brick, concrete and natural stones in general. It can be used successfully on floors, tables, working tops, kitchen and bathroom tops, where it prevents the absorption of liquids like water, oil, coffee, wine. It doesn’t form any film, and penetrates deeply into any type of natural stones. It doesn’t turn...

Extra Drops SPRAY

It is the ideal product for the “wet look” on all antiqued materials and for finishing all external floors, showing up the original shade. It is applied on all natural materials, stone, granite, marble, with an old-looking finish, flamed, sanded. It also provides a good waterproof effect. Extra Drops Spray is ready to use: just spray one or two coats, according to the desired final...

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