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Marble water based products

Seeking for a marble water based product for a maintenance and restoration intervention on your marble surfaces and objects? Try with Ilpa Adesivi products!

Ilpa Adesivi provide also a good and wide range of marble water based products, created with an innovative formula, specific for restoration and maintenance of marble and natural stone surfaces and objects.

If you are enthusiast about DIY works or you are a professional of marble restoration, check out our water based products specific for marble and its maintenance. We have any kind of specific tool between our marble water based products such as universal cleaners, specific solutions for natural stone and granite surfaces emulsions, creams, waxes and also polisher.

Your only duty is choose the right products for your interventions and reconstructions and find out how fast and easy is use our items also if you are a do-it-yourself users. Studied and made also for professionals, our marble water based products are guarantee of good-quality protection and application. Besides, choose to low the environmental impact and go for a specific product for marble water based but keep the right result on your marble.

Discover how to use our marble water based products and star enjoy your little maintenance domestic works. You can use our marble products also for daily cleaning of fine marble and keep the beauty of this fabulous material.

Drai water based

Our water based waterproof is a fluorurate hydroalcoholic solution, ideal for treating marble, granite and natural stones (tuff, sanded stones, limestone, etc.). Due to the very strong link between carbon and fluorine, the fluorurate resin offers very high resistance to atmospheric agents, pollutants and UV radiations. The very high resistance features make this product particularly suitable for...

Brillo water based

This product is a silicone emulsion for marble and granite. It increases and makes uniform the polish on marble and granite, it covers any marks left by abrasives, and protects the surface from stains. It has a good water-oil-proof capacity. Brillo water based is a water emulsion which allows transpiring on all treated surfaces. Brillo water based is guaranteed for 12 months, if stored in the...


Clean is a universal cleanser, fit both for professional use and home works. Suitable for cleaning marbles, ceramic, gres, and synthetic floorings, without damaging the surfaces. It does not compromise the polishing on marbles and granites and it works also in small amounts; It is suitable for any kind of floor’s maintenance.


This cream for marble, granite and stones has been formulated/created? to give protection, polish and shine to all treated surfaces?. Its water based and odourless formula also permits easy application in all “do it yourself” projects. The compound, which is free from abrasive agents, doesn’t scratch treated surfaces. Use methylated alcohol to degrease the surface, apply a thin...

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