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Marble waxes

Find out all Ilpa Adesivi products for marble waxing. Discover our range of items and improve the shine on any surface of marble, granite and natural stone.

Ilpa Adesivi marble waxes join the wide range of products and items specific for marble waxing and polishing.

Our products, all of excellent level, are ideal and perfect for maintenance interventions and polishers. Easy to use also for do-it-yourself enthusiasts as well as professionals, our marble waxes are specific products used also by stone manufactures to improve the results of polish of marble slabs and tiles and to protect all kinds of supports from atmospheric agents and chemical substances.

Between our marble waxes, choose our liquid or solid waxes, self-polishing varnish or waterproof sealant and use all our products for floors, countertops, floors and walls treatments. Ilpa Adesivi waxes, polishers and protectives can help you in preserving the beauty of marble floors and objects into private houses and public or work places. Our marble waxes can be used to polish and make waterproof any kind of surface giving also a new life to all materials.

Discover with us how simple is taking care of marble surfaces and objects and how easy and fast is do different restoration works and maintenance interventions on this precious material.

Extra Wax solvent based

Liquid wax solvent based, particularly suitable to improve the support’s brilliance after polishing. Apply a few drops of product on the perfectly cleaned surface, spreading with a clean cloth, take off the excess with fine steel wool. It is advisable to polish by machine. It is an high outcome wax: around 10/15 square meters can be covered with 1 litre of product, provided the material is...

Extra Wax Solid

Solid wax, polishing and protective, based on concentrated active substances. Easy to apply, increases the “wet look”. Suitable for industrial use, ideal for manufactured products which require a better finish. Lay a small quantity of product evenly on the surface to be treated, using a clean cloth. Polish by vigorously rubbing with a woollen cloth. Better results can be achieved by...


  Professional use, suitable for any type of floor, in stone materials, such as marble, granite, conglomerates, wood, such as parquet. It is used normal or diluted in water, preferably hot, in the proportion of 1: 1, wetting the floor and then rubbing with a brush or rag. Ideal for old floors, before polishing wax, to obtain a perfect final result.

Extra Lux

The Extra lux self-polishing varnish is formulated with resins and very selected waxes, the mixture ensures flawless polishing on marble and granite. The formula has been developed to provide the treated surface with a lasting polish, even after exposure to atmospheric conditions. Lab tests have shown that marble treated with Extra Lux and then exposed to UV-A light for 40 days doesn’t...

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