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Marble resins

Caring for your marble floor is easy and fun. Do not you believe it? Try Ilpa Adesivi marble resins.

Ilpa Adesivi marble resins provide the strength, durability and beauty needed in marble and stone objects. Discover our specific products for marble care and start doing some restoration interventions on your home and office marble.

Between all Ilpa Adesivi professional products, marble resins are specific for soaking and reinforcing marble plates and blocks but also natural stone and granite objects. Find out our range of products that, thanks to their special components, allow a good restore intervention and good-quality result also for not-professional as do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Between Ilpa Adesivi marble resins you can find unsaturated polyester resins with amino accelerator, clear polyester-based resins, reactive thinners, hardener pastes or liquid products and also an amino cicloalifatico hardener. Different type of resins that offer several kind of viscosity, hardness, flexibility and also a good obsolence-resistance from UV.

Buy Ilpa Adesivi marble resins matched with hardeners for a better application and a high versatility. Our products and items for marble are particularly appreciated and used in civil engineering where a higher filling load is needed (flooring), in concrete reinforcement and structural adhesives. Obviously, our marble resins can be used also to reinforce marble slabs, to penetrate into the micro cracks or to weld fibreglass netting underneath the slab. In this case, the perfect product is Epokitt epoxy resin that with many specific properties provides a better adhesion and a very low viscosity.


Unsaturated polyester resin, containing amino accelerator, allows the hardening of the product even at temperatures around 0°C. The R25 resin, after hardening with hardener paste, creates a very hard and clear polymer. Stored in proper conditions, in perfectly sealed containers and at temperatures not higher than 23°C, the product presents storage stability for at least 6 months.


Clear polyester-based resin for marble and natural stones. Colourless and stable to light; suitable for filling and invisible gluing of slabs or to reinforce them by applying a fibreglass net on the underside. It must be mixed with 3% liquid hardener.

Epoxy Resin

Reactive thinner produced from the liquid reaction between epicloridrina and bisfenolo A, modified with aromatic thinner, reactive, monofunctional. Epokitt is a liquid epoxy resin, in high quality and very tenacious ortocresilglicidiletere, its low viscosity allows penetration into very thin cracks. The low surface tension allows a better wetting of surface, better adhesion and very low...

Hardener paste

This polyester resin’s hardener paste is a benzoyl peroxide at 50% in ftalic plasticiser. It is used for all types of mastics and polyester resins; add in the measure of 3%.

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