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Marble Mastics

Ilpa Adesivi is a leading dealer and supplier of marble mastics and stone mastics. Discover our specific and professional products for marble.

Try Ilpa Adesivi marble mastics to glue, repair or join parts of your marble floors, sculptures and buildings. Our products are studied and created specifically for an easy employment and to provide a good-quality service and result.

Ilpa Adesivi marble mastics could be divided into two big families: coloured mastics and JOLLY mastics. Two different kinds of mastics to give to our customers and clients the opportunity to restore marbles of any sort and colour. Moreover, looking at our marble mastics, the mastic for coloured marble is really appreciate from who need to do an intervention on coloured marbles. Finally, JOLLY mastic is also the most used one for gluing and filling marbles and natural stones.

Besides, between our marble mastics, the JOLLY mastic line is produced in two main densities: TIXO and LIQUID. TIXO type is suitable for filling slabs and doing small reconstruction works; on the other hand, the LIQUID type is more suitable for gluing horizontal slabs, filling smaller pores, assuring widespread penetration and reinforcing the support.

Discover our range of marble mastics and start taking care of your coloured or natural marbles and natural stone floors, buildings and statues. Ilpa Adesivi mastics for marble are easy to use, fast to apply and created both for professional employments and do-it-yourself works.

Find out all our products for marble cares and enjoy your time doing these little domestic activities and works on marble.


JOLLY – MASTIC FOR MARBLE is formulated with combined synthetic resins. It is mainly used for gluing and filling all types of marbles and natural stones. It has strong adhesive properties, becomes hard and perfectly polishable after drying time. The three versions available TIXO, SEMISOLID and LIQUID which facilitate application (see also the brand new semisolid soft) and fast drying...


  It’s based on polyester resin, in the liquid and solid version (GOLD), with catalysts in paste. The GOLD is a mastic in a gel-form, very easy to apply, extremely versatile and after catalysis, extraordinarily transparent. Non-yellowing over time. The LIQUID TRANSPARENT is recommended for grouting the horizontally slabs and it remains transparent after catalysis and after long time.


  JOLLY GLASS is a mastic for marble based on synthetic resins combined and it is used to weld and fill all types of marble and natural stones. Very tenacious in the grip, it becomes hard and perfectly polished after the consolidation. JOLLY GLASS, in the two liquid and tixo versions, is an absolutely colorless mastic, suited for particular jobs such as the filling of travertine (when the...


The mastic Jolly for marble with high adhesive power is a formulation based on polyester resin characteristics of tenacity and unmatched adhesion for any polyester product. Therefore, it is suitable for all those jobs where it’s required a special adhesion including all the features of polyester mastics. It is recommended especially for restoration on  granite. Always catalyzed with...

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